Annnnnnnnnnnnnd Im gone again.

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Im launching my new podcast/ blog/ web series hub/ overall media empire at COME JOIN THE REVOLUTION. If you define revolution as mild distraction.


Landry Clarke FNL wallpaper now more wallpaperable!!!

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So the people who inspired these wallpapers may have mentioned that the 8.5 x 11 version I sent them a couple months ago was wonderful and loveable much like Mr. Clarke himself but when applied as desktop wallpaper it was a big ol’ fail. So I’ve reworked them and any future wallpaper designs I promise will be ready to go.

New AMAZING Web Series!!!

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It’s called the Authority. And it doesn’t start hitting things (the nets. the airwaves, your brain pellets) til March.  And it has a new facebook page and soon its own website and what not.  So LIKE us. And watch a trailer.

What does a food grade silicone mold of Candlestick Park look like when its filled with mashed potatoes?

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Any dream is possible.

Annnnd you win Martin Luther Kristmas.

Wallpaper: I make pattern designs based on Landry from Friday Night Lights.

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This goes out to Anna and Alex, the adorable West Village power couple who “commisioned” this idea not realizing I like following through on throw away ideas more than ANYTHING!

As you can see there is a Panthers’ version and a Lions’ version. I’m sure, for you, like it is for me, is like picking between children. Heartbroken, Texas football playin’ children.

True irony.

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From the man who brought the cultural revolution comes PAINT BRUSHES!

Jimmy Wales: womenizing midget?

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Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia’s favorite banner ad orrrrrrrr Kramer’s midget cohort?



What?  You know that the other guy is Danny Woodburn.  Well fuck you for taking away my fun.