Fresno State Bulldogs are Champions….Champion Racists. Duh Duh DUHHHHHHHHHHH!

According to his at-bat stats, Fresno State Bulldog Third Baseman Tony Medonca has listed his Favorite Athlete as Ty Cobb.

A) Favorite Athlete is an at bat graphic for 12 year olds and softball players. Once the basepathes stretch to 90 feet the only acceptable information is name and stats. Sorry ESPN but thanks for the Williamsport warmup.

B) Ty Cobb is no one’s favorite athlete. I don’t buy it. You can’t tell me some turn of the century, racist, spike sharpening, fucked up bat holding sunuva bitch is someone’s favorite or an athlete. Unless Tony is actually a time traveler from Teddy Roosevelt’s cabinet and you count lynching as a sport. Shit bag sure. But no one has a favorite of those.


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