Nick informs me what I’m missing in International Falls, MN

me: so what else am i missin

ThaiBermuda: i have no idea today was the first day i ventured outside of family obligations

me: sounds sucessful
ThaiBermuda: indeed
my waitress at sha sha didn’t know what an ipa was
that’s about the only news i got
me: you asked for an ipa in the falls
ThaiBermuda: hey! she said that they had a huge beer selection
me: molson
molson golden
molson light
molson ice
molson mountain
me: and im sure the labatts selection was CRAZY
ThaiBermuda: well i wouldn’t know because they wouldn’t read it to me
me: so what did u get
ThaiBermuda: langweisjsnifnrlk red
me: ahhhh the sam adams of Minnesota
ThaiBermuda: apparenlty

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