Jokes from the mouths of Albanians…

This weekend I will be losing my favorite Albanian for at least a month, but this week he has given more then enough material to spread through out his sabbatical. So without further ado, the first in a series of Jokes from the mouths of Albanians.

So there is a graph and he marries a mouse.

A what?

A giraffe.

Oh. So this GIRAFFE and a mouse get married. And the mouse comes home to visit his family. He is all scrawny and thin. And his family ask him, Hey is she not feeding you. No its just that whenever I want to kiss her i have to run up to her head and when I want to fuck her I have to run all the way down and fuck her from behind.

The next time the mouse comes home, he is fat and his family goes how did you get so fat? Well the mouse said, I fuck her where I kiss her.


That’s funny in Albanian. It’s a rough translation.


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