Retarded brother?

Does anyone else think that Michael Phelps is a drunk version Jim from the Office with Bill Cowher’s chin?



9 Responses to “Retarded brother?”

  1. missionmom Says:

    What’s with using the word retarded? So offensive.

  2. andjustin4all Says:

    I just thought calling him Asian would have been over the top.

  3. your just jealous of him obvisley. hes more than amazing & everyone can see and notice.
    be jealous hes getting fame from all his extreme hard work & you who probably does NOTHING with your life is sitting here ripping on him.
    Get a life lazy trash.
    phelps is amazing & EVERYONE including you knows.
    love you michael!!!!!
    ❤ jessika

  4. anonymous Says:

    michael phelps is so overrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on people…he’s freakin’ ugly for one thing! And damn! He just swims. Woopty doo!

  5. “anonymous”

    what have you worked so hard in and are now one of the best of?

    what’s that?

    thought so.

    • andjustin4all Says:

      Yes I would like to take the time to say now that John Krasinski has been one show business’s hardest working actors and I’m sorry if I in anyway have made it seem that he looks like the Mongoloid Micheal Phelps.

      John I’m sorry.

  6. You should be Justin, and I agree with Jessica. You have no life

    • Biologically, i do have a life. In fact, right now I’m typing on this keypad because I have been giving the gift of that which you think I do not own.

      If you think that I am a zombie let me reassure you that a Oct 2009 Redbook poll of zombies finds that they too find Michael Phelps facial features to leans towards “Downsy.”

  7. Im4John Says:

    I don’t see the relation, IMO. I think John Krasinski is much cuter!!

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