Q&A:The “Real” Ghostbusters?

Q: Remember when you were a kid and there were two Ghostbuster cartoons? There was the Real Ghostbusters and then there was the one with the monkey and the weird Victorian theme. How did they get away with it? Even when I was like 10 years old I knew there was something litigiously fucked up.

– Justin from Brooklyn

A: First, I would like to thank me for bringing such a burning pop culture question to the forefront. The truth ,as you expected Justin, is simply litigious, but not how you may think.

In the l975, the Filmmation Company (the people who brought you He-Man) were still in the live action business. They came to CBS with an idea about a group of paranormal investigators led by F-Troop’s Larry Storch and a man in a Gorilla costume. Unfortunately for the world, Ghost Busters (notice the separation of words) lasted 15 episodes and faded into oblivion.

In 1983, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis began writing a sci-fi comic vehicle for Jon Belushi and Eddie Murphy. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the great pop culture nugget spelunkers IMDB and Youtube, like we do here in the future. They had to rely on someone within their immediate calling circle to remember that Storch’s small screen shit pile actually existed.

When Ghostbusters (nouns together) became an uberhit in 1985, Filmmation did the American thing and sued. Unfortunately, all Filmmation got was Columbia to get to stop using just the name Ghostbusters without their permission. Of course, Columbia got clever and added the word Real to their version, subbed Lorenzo Music for Bill Murray and Filmmation countered with monkies and a bad guy who is a little too close to Skeletor. And the rest is crappy animation history.

But just to prove that you’re not missing anything. Here’s some spelunking from Youtube…


One Response to “Q&A:The “Real” Ghostbusters?”

  1. Gotta ask – do you actually know what spelunking means? just curious

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