The Worst of Bill

In honor of Bill Murray Day, I was thinking about putting out a little list of my personal favorite Bill Murray roles.  But it was pointless.  Big Ern, Frank Cross, Carl Spackler, Phil Conners, Herman Blume, Peter Venkman, it was all too close.  So here’s is the five worst which I’ve seen.  And really there is only five.

5.  Hamlet – Polonius. 

Well this was Ethan Hawke’s version of Hamlet. I never actually saw it but I can’t imagine it was any good. I mean really. With Julia Stiles. C’mon.

4. The Man Who Knew Too Little- Wally Ritchie.

Of all of these on the list, this was the only one where he was actually trying.  It was like he was just going throught the Bob Wiley motions and forgot to be funny. I wept when it was over.

3. Osmosis Jones- Frank Detomello.

Everyone needs money.  I’ve sure at this part of Bill’s career when he’s making his Rushmores and his Lost in Translations the residual check need some blosterin’.  He basically plays a sick man.

2. The Royal Tenenbaums- Raleigh St. Clair.

What a waste.  That’s why I hate this part so much.  I love this movie but I hate this part.  Bill Murray just sits there among a myriad of wonderful drawn out characters and weeps over fucking Gwenyth Paltrow. This part would have been perfect for Robert

1. Garfield- Garfield.  Lets just say Bill owed Lorenzo Music one but not the sequel.


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