The View of the Debate from the Falls.

me:  did she answer one question directly?
apparently im not even to mention ms palin to auntie jean
she LOVES her
 ThaiBermuda:  yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah uhhhhhhhhhh well….that…would be waiving a white flag there mister!
 me:  lotta hockey moms up here

me:  oh shit
Aunties here
and already shoutin about Joe Biden lying
 ThaiBermuda:  hahaha
 me:  i cant even go out there
 ThaiBermuda:  that’s best
 me:  now shes talking OReilly fighting someone

im scared
im just dying to say something
please give me a reason not to
and now its going into Barney Frank
Well you know he’s gay
thats what Justin says
 ThaiBermuda:  hahahaha
 me:  well no wonder i dont like himThaiBermuda:  just walk though the kitchen and say “If they are such a team of Mavericks, why does McCain vote with Bush 95% of the time?”
head = explodes
 me:  im thinkin about it
just for fun
 ThaiBermuda:  i really want someone to answer that
because i don’t know how you can think he’s such a rebel

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