Q&A: Kath and Kim

Dear Justin,

So I’m watching Kath and Kim right now and they’re supposed to be mother and daughter.  But in real life, aren’t they both like 35?




Thanks for bringing this the attention of us all.  I’m kidding. It’s not true.  It’s Thursday night.  Go out and get hammered or something you homo.

To answer your question. Neither are 35. Selma Blair is 36.  Molly Shannon is 44.  So you are wrong.  With new technology an eight year old can definitely have a child.  Though I’m sure the child is more apt to be autistic or dyslexic, which I think works for the dynamic of this show.  So its obvious they already thought of that.  Please stop asking me such stupid questions.  That show sucks and you’re an idiot.  Not that I have actually watched the show but I read the headlines of reviews about the show and the puns do not seem appealing.

Much love,



One Response to “Q&A: Kath and Kim”

  1. HI Justin, this is Justin

    You should definately bounce a few of your ideas off on me once in awhile so that you don’t neccesarily have to write yourself your own letters maybe?



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