Late Night Ranting: Virginia

According to, Obama is leading the state of Virginia by six and half points. Now I’m sure as soon as the Republicans come to their senses and finally run their nuclear option, “You know he’s black, right?”  TV commericials, they will squeek out a win in VA by a three hundred uncounted votes from prematurely closed Mannassas voting center in the “colored” section of town. But if they forget to drink the Barack voter milkshake, if John McCain loses Virginia, which hasn’t voted Dem since Lady Bird Johnson, Johnny Mac should do the correct thing on November forth and as soon as Anderson Cooper confers with the Best Political Team on Television and calls Virginia for the Big O, John McCain should skip the concession call, pack up the Straight Talk Express, strap Sarah Palin’s carcass to the hood, drive up to Obama’s Chicago suaree HQ, dressed in a sequined Sundevils cheerleader outfit and not only throw in the towel but shoot it out a t-shirt gun into the waiting mob of college age Obama Mamas and let them tear each other apart for it.

Then go back to being a grumpy Senator where we like you.


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