Happy Birthday Wallace Shawn. You know, the playwright? OK the “Inconcievable” guy from Princess Bride. Yeah that guy.

I just spent my Barnes and Noble gift certificate I got for Christmas last year (cause those bastards start eating away at the card value like a heartless unpatriotic version of Joey Chesnutt after 12 months) on what promises to be the highly subway readable new book by John Hodgman, More Information Then You Require. I am A HUGE fan of the fake information genre.  It arrived today via furious UPS doorbell ring (it took 6 before I even had pants on) and I dove right in (to the book not my pants.)  Well on page 251 (it starts on page 237, I’m not David Foster Wallace, oh wait, too soon?) I came upon this little blurb in the upper left hand corner.

November 12

1943: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WALLACE SHAWN! Insofar as he pioneered the role of the highly educated-writer-turned-nebbish-character-actor, one could argue that I would have no career were it not for Wallace Shawn. It’s also true that he would have been cast as the PC had I not poisoned him with locane powder.

This is interesting for a few reasons:

A: Locane powder. Funny already.

B:I believe most of this is indeed “fake” “information”, except for the birthday which I confirmed on the very reliable Wikipedia.  I do not remember reading that Wallace Shawn had died or that Mr. Hodgman had been arrested. (Imagine the Post headline: PC kills “Princess” Star. Sigh)  In fact, I believe Mr. Shawn just started an arc on Gossip Girl, but I did recently read in Page Six that George Bush was killing his love life.


C: I can’t believe Hodgman had the brass flotillas to jack my style of liking other people’s birthdays. In fact, this goes for you too Wikipedia. Who am I kidding?  I’m flattered.  And to think this blog hasn’t been up but since the summer.


Any who, have an inconcievable birthday Wally. (Which is what you can call him when you live in New York. Cause we all know all the playwrights in town. True. Or is it fake information?)


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