Conan’s McCain dolls identified!


Last night, Conan O’Brien gave away a surplus of 6,000 John McCain dolls (in bags of 200 an audience member) that some toy company no longer had any use for (thanks to some Kenyan winning a race last Tuesday).  Conan, himself, pointed out that the dolls looked absolutely nothing like John McCain.  But I had a very clear vision of who it did look like, and no idea who he was.  It was a face painted in my brain as clear as polished cellophane but his celebrity was so V-list that even his purpose escaped me.  Finally, I put my visual cortex to sleep and let the rest of the show wash over me.

Suddenly and without warning, just over 24 hours later, I was skipping by the TV guide channel and there he was… the balding avian face diving between the nimbus clouds of my dreams….


Ladies and gentlemen… David Oreckand his wonderful vacuum cleaners.  I’m already sleeping better.

(BTW, said bag of 200 McCain/Oreck dolls is currently at $36.00 bag unopened.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318)


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