Things I’ve eaten today.

1:30am bag of Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips with southwestern dip I found in the fridge.  My wife made me check the expiration date. 1/9/09

4:28am On the bus.  I down two airport bottles of Jim Beam to aid sleep.

7:06am Two Donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts at Hartford, CT bus station.

9:38am Diet Coke at South Station, think about grabbing a pretzel dog and then forget about it.

10:35am Bacon, hashbrowns, sweet rolls.

Does anyone think its weird that Joel Goddard of Late Night w Conan fame is the announcer for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?  I keep waiting for him to say something like, “Coming up Miley Cyrus, Ronald McDonald and three vietnamese boys wearing a strap on.”  Que creepy smile.

10:58am If nothing else happens today, I can say I was watching when the Thanksgiving Day Parade got Rick Roll’d!

11:30-2:30pm  First nap.  And its a good one.  I would like to thank the pilgrim that made napping socially acceptible on Thanksgiving.  Were their couches in colonial times?

Apple Cider.   Chips and Salsa (with cheese)

3:58pm Nap two complete.  Meatballs is terrible.  I really thougth there was more nudity.


4:05pm all the cashews out of the mixed nuts.

4:47pm Cake is here.  Wine on its way.  Elegant Cranberry wine.

I think the girl who sang the national anthem for the Dallas game should be blackballed by the anthem gestapo.  Just a suggestion.

5:44pm Lil brother’s gonna be late.  1st Popover consumed.

House marathon is making up for the NFL emulating Week one Techmo Bowl.

6:55pm Finished dinner #1.  Salad, popover#2, blueberry wine (which tasted exactly like Polaner’s all fruit so I dipped my popover in it.) Turkey (2 helpings) stuffing (2 helpings) mashed potatoes, corn, peas, 1/2 a sweet potato. Now Michelob ultra.

7:57pm Dessert #1. Pecan and apple pie, cookie dough ice cream and whipped cream.  Beer #2

9:21pm Been picking pecans off the pecan pie and thinking about which stores I wanna hit up tomorrow for DOORBUSTERS!

11:56 pm Played Wii Madden and got up the stomach for some more turkey and ice cream.  I raise my hand in victory.  And so does Rick.


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