Commercial Stars: Mom and Dad of the year in cellphones.

Dad of the year:  I can’t find your name sir, but the Dad from this T-Moblie ad really brought it in 2008, earning the crown with his mock sympathic “What a drag, duuude?” towards the end of this commercial.  This should stand as a warning to all of Jeremy Piven’s fake daughters’ Dereks with mustaches.

(As a side note, I really like the wallpaper behind Jeremy Piven’s fake daughter.)

Mom of the Year:  Geneva Carr come on down. A message to you all.  Minutes are minutes. New, old or milky.  But it was for her dead on frustration saying “Are these  minutes new or old?!” that made me fell guilty just for watching. And guilt=mothers.

Congratulations all and I hope to see all of the new contenders for next years prize somewhere sandwiched between my favorite non-public TV shows.


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