When IMDB fails in “trivia” it fails knowledge.

In addition to my mortality rant from 4am this morning, I would also like to wish a happy 54th to formerly underappreciated character actor J.K. Simmons. (Now that Juno has made him the funniest fictional Dad this side of John Goodman.) But when I went to IMDB to learn more about the former psyche from Law and Order, I found one of the greatest collection of reaches in imdb trivia history.

Exhibit A:”He is the father of at least one child.” With no furthur explanation. I’m not sure whether they are implying how lazy they are or if J.K. is a serious pussy magnet.

Exhibit B: “Attended The Ohio State University while living in Worthington, Ohio.” Because it wouldn’t be trivia if he had lived in say Columbus. Worthington? Now that’s just wacky.

Exhibit C: “Appeared in four films with Bruce Campbell. The first two were Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 2 (2004), both directed by Sam Raimi. The third was The Ladykillers (2004) directed by Ethan Coen, who frequently collaborates with Raimi, followed by another appearance with Campbell in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 (2007).” Now I love Bruce Campbell and who doesn’t, but can not appearing in any scenes in a superhero movie and it’s two sequels be the equivalent to trivia? I looked up Tobey Maguire’s trivia section and found no mention of him being in 3 movies with Bruce Campbell.

Exhibit D: “Wore a wig to play J. Jameson in the Spiderman films.” No shit.

I did find out that he is the voice of the Yellow M&M but that was about all I could count as mildly interesting.


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