The Phelps Phan reads my BLOG!!!

This was my Aug 5th blog post that was just a simple observation thrown up during my Olympic fever.  It is also the source of at least 2/3rds of my google hits.  And although I have gotten some wonderful comments on using the word “retard,” I’ve had to wait over 5 months to get this lil ditty from a girl who I imagine has a fathead of Mikey’s deformed jaw staring her down as she sleeps. Enjoy:

“your just jealous of him obvisley. hes more than amazing & everyone can see and notice.
be jealous hes getting fame from all his extreme hard work & you who probably does NOTHING with your life is sitting here ripping on him.
Get a life lazy trash.
phelps is amazing & EVERYONE including you knows.
love you michael!!!!!
❤ jessika”

You made my day Jessika with a K.

One day she’ll look back at this and laugh.  I’m sure the crying comes naturally.

One Response to “The Phelps Phan reads my BLOG!!!”

  1. Old Overholt Says:

    Phuck Phleps Phan.

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