Douglife Episode One: Six Degrees of Kurt Russell

kurtrussell1Dearest friends, colleagues and gentlefolk,

I hope that you enjoy the riveting twelve minutes of no budget entertainment you will find at and tell everyone you know that owns a computer, but that’s not why we are here.

What I really want is Kurt Russell and I need your help. See, I have the perfect role for him in my series finale. I don’t really want to tell you too much about it here and give away the rest of the story arch (Daddy needs the net hits you know), but safe to say it would be mutually beneficial for both Mr. Russell and myself.

He would get the mad indie street cred that is bestowed upon one when he or she becomes a bonafied angel of the arts and I would get the publicity that come from having Snake Plissken.

Now I don’t expect any of you to know him personally. You do not need to be. We live in a world of hyper connectivity and social networking. Besides, I’m sure if you did you would have already brought it up in conversation to impress me. And believe you me, I would have been.

So I need you to reach out to anyone and everyone you might think get this request closer to Mr. Russell or his agent/manager. Let me make some broad stroke suggestions of people you may want to address:

Friends in “The Industry.”

Friends who live in Hollywood.

Friends who have the last names Kurt or Russell.

Friends who have the first names Russell or Kurt.

Friends who are Goldie Hawn’s hairdresser.

Friends who were an extras in Big Trouble In Little China.

Friends who have dated Kate Hudson.

Owen Wilson would be nice.

Anyone from the fire dept he trained with in Backdraft.

Richard Dean Anderson.

Or, of course, Kurt Russell himself. But then you would
have been lying to me this whole time about not knowing him. And therefore shame on you.

I am dead serious about this. I shit you not. I really want him for my series finale. And by all means, don’t limit yourselves to these narrow groups of people. Going to your contact list and hitting send all is perfectly acceptable.
You really never know. Am I right?!

Well thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy Douglife Episode One@ and if not tell everyone you liked it anyways. It’s good for both your karma and qi.

Pleasant dreams to you all,

Justin Robert Tierney



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