5 Impressions I like to do with a cold.

5. Tom Waits0502_tom_waits_b1
This is for full on second deep brown phelgm sick. Its no wonder he just growls and bangs pans these days. He probably just pissed and needs to throw something. Being Tom Waits hurts.

GodfatherGenerationKill4. Godfather from “Generation Kill”
This impression is really for the stage I’m at now. which is bordering on coming out of my cold, but it never fails to make me want to send a platoon of Marine “into the game.”

3. Billie Holidaybillie_holiday-gal
I do a bad ass Billie whether I’m sick or not, but nothing gets the heroin addict in me to come out like having that achy feeling all over.

hulk hogan salesman2. Hulk Hogan.
This one isn’t as obvious as the others but when you do the “prayers and vitamins” speech he really gets your white blood cells going as they leg drop viruses all over the place.

1. Manager from “Major League.”
Sometimes I will even grow a huge walrus esque mustache and start my own ragtag baseball team.  But in reality I just like to use the heating pad so I can tell my wife  to “Gimmie the heater Ricky.”


(Her name is not Ricky.)


One Response to “5 Impressions I like to do with a cold.”

  1. “Manager” from Major League? Really dude? Lou Brown will kill you.

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