Can you believe the great John Carpenter muse is 58 today? Well how bout as a birthday present you agree to appear in the series finale of my show Douglife. It’s the perfect part. It’s just you doing cool action things.

Now if you know Kurt Russell and would like to help.For those of you who helped in the quest to cast Kurt Russell thank you, those who did not, shame on you. As an update, I have had no direct contact with him and do not think he has seen the show, but I do have his agents’ phone numbers. Now in order to generate a buzz for the show before I call myself, I’d like all of you to do the calling for me (much like the Fumke approach from Arrested Development).

Now this works a lot like calling your senator about saving the whales, the children or the Spice Channel. Just call these numbers and request that his client take a look at the douglife.tv as a possible outlet to his underdeveloped indie career.

Ed Limato: 310-859-4000

Jim Wiatt: 310-859-4200

Feel free to tell these gentlemen that its the funniest thing since “Ask a Ninja” and “Dog on Skateboard.”


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