Signage Report. 14th st./6th Ave

I’m all for the new wave of X-acto knife billboard subway graffitti that usually take the head off say a Real Housewife and sticks on a black man doing stairmaster, but when sometimes when you reach for the sun Kid Icarus….

I present the following example.

First of all, this defamation was up no more then a day after the poster. And the heads stuck on were obviously not from any near by sign, so research and printing costs were accrued.  This was more then your well sharpened improv.
Second, and more important, why accrue said costs if we already got Obama elected and it’s a fairly mirky message you’re sending to begin with.
Ladie and gents, I bring you the ambitious yet mediocre Duplicity (describing both graffiti and up coming film):



After.     But why.

After. But why.


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