Dear Danny McBride, Sorry.


Like Stevie I was just happy to be in his presence.

Like Stevie I was just happy to be in his presence.



Dear Danny McBride,

My bad.  I told people you sucked.  Out loud and not just in my mind. And not the Danny McBride of the Sha Na Nas, cause they suck and anything with Grease mostly.  Even Grease 2.

See I feel into the Indie Comedy “I can’t BE-Lieeeeeve you haven’t seen this” Hollywood hype trap with Foot Fist Way.  The posters said, “It’s so good Will Ferrell said so.” The reviews did not agree. But who are they to doubt the great Will Ferrell?  Well people without money invested in your future I guess.

And then came the Netflix recommendations from people I liked and didn’t like.  Finally I gave in in the spirit of bi-paritsanship annnnnnnnnnd I hated it.  It wasn’t funny.  One old lady got kicked in the groin.  I laughed then and I laughed again so that my wife wouldn’t turn it off cause I thought i would get funnier eventually.  I did like the “idea” of Chuck the Truck, but overall it just made me wish I had rewatched He-Man on Hulu.

Then I started watching you accidently.  First in Pineapple Express, where you almost steal the entire movie as the cat loving, kimono wearing a drug dealer Red.  Then in Tropic Thunder as FX guy who just yells redneck shit like, “Big Ass Titties” and “I’m trying to but Tiger Balm on the nuts of this jungle.”

It was right about then that the Eastbound and Down posters started appearing.  And I was not pumped.  I don’t have cable.  And thought about making it a future Flix but by fate, I was at my friend Nick’s house on a Sunday night and I was DEFINITELY up for watching Flight O the Concords and what pretel followed, Eastbound and Down.

Wow.  I can definitely say it’s my favorite show with tits in every episode since Rome.  Your comic version of The John Rocker True Hollywood Story has exactly what Foot Fist was missing: barrels of heart.  I can’t believe I was actually rooting for Kenny Powers to find his fastball but even more the anncillary  characters like his brother, his assistant and the Principal who’s engaged to Kenny’s ex were all fully rounded funny victims in Kenny’s monster truck path back to the majors.

So I was wrong.  Will Ferrell was right.  I shant be doubting you anymore. 



4 Responses to “Dear Danny McBride, Sorry.”

  1. glad to hear it.

  2. I noticed that this is not the first time you mention the topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?

  3. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

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