When Affirmative Action is handled poorly.

So I was in the Kips Bay Movie Theater recently and admiring the mural painted on the ceiling while purchasing my popcorn. And it occured to me… picture-440

Who decided on Rosie Perez?  And Diana Ross.  You could at least make some sort of a case for Diana, musically, but is Rosie the best they could do for the Latin community.  Even if this mural was 12 years old, J.Lo would have made more sense.  (Which would have made a fly girl bonanza.) Is it all the Image awards she racked up over the years?

Then it got worse.

One the rows and rows of posters on the way to the theater.  There were some questionable placements: Dances With Wolves, American Tale but then the only black movie was….


But I guess that’s because Tupac was in it.

So in an open letter to Kips Bay AMC, 1992 was 17 YEARS AGO. It’s OK to put up Do the Right Thing.  No one will riot.  Denzel is not the only black person to have won an Oscar now. (see Berry, Whitaker, fuck John Witherspoon).  Just saying.


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