Episode Three: The Search for Spock and internet writing campaigns.

First of all thank you all who came down to the par-tay-hay at the Abbey last weekend. Hope you enjoyed the Table Talks and booze.

For those of you who didn’t…… FOR SHAME! Just smack yourself with the nearest dead biped right now.

Second, unless you’re living in Kansas, where the internet dares not go….Episode THREE is ONLINE and OUT OF CONTROL and in ALL CAPS. Well it was. But now that the audio has been wrangled and tamed….. http://www.douglife.com

There are fantastic star turns by new cast members Jason Kalter and Jon Pack of the duo Rue Brutalia (ruebrutalia.com) and foul mouthed firecracker Katie Bruggeman.

Watch. Now. It’s OK. I’ll wait.

What I’m really here to talk about is the lack of buzz you all have been generating with Kurt Russell’s people over at William Morris. So I’ve decided to start a less intrusive/ confrontational approach: a letter writing campaign! Sexy right? It saved Jericho and that sucked.

So write a short letter about how much Kurt Russell would like and would like to be in Douglife then place an eye patch in the envelope and send it to….

Kurt Russell
c/o Ed Limato or
Jim Wiat
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, California 90212

Good luck everybody and Happy Solstice


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