Douglife Goes To Jersey! Episode 7: Make that shit happen people!

Douglife Episode 7 is now online. The DL would like to welcome Miss Vassi and Duncan Wilder Johnson to starring roles as well as Jason Tierney, Mark Wood and the return of Miss Megan Sperry to its most metal episode yet.


Duncan is Gerald Tenuta

Also bad news: I’ve decided to go ahead without word from Kurt Russell, but if anyone knows Dennis Quaid’s phone number. I’d gladly take it. (INNERSPACE IS DA BOMB!)
Also I’m trying to get Douglife up to 1000 fans on Facebook as a Christmas present to myself. Which is crazy cause I only have 149 so far. LETS BE FRIENDS. So, if you are already one of my 149 fans then thanks a bunch kids and go to the suggest a friend section as illustrated here:









and then click as many as you can and SEND INVITATIONS. I would do it for you but I don’t know your first cat’s name, first street or favorite Menudo member and therefore I have little chance to guess your password. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE! 1000 by xmas we can do it!



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