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WTF: Pearl Harbor Day Edition

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Or Zune will do it.

Or Zune will do it.

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, here are three WTF-Bombs, that fell out of the sky on me in the last 24 hours (not one of them by an Asian person):

1. Obama’s got a Zune. How can the MacDaddiest political figure since Franky Rose was wearing platforms, be all on the John Hodgeman left? (6 words: Bill and Melinda Gates’s good side.)

I also didn't know about being Lynda Carter's lil sis in Wonder Woman.

2. Did anyone know Debra Winger did part of the voice for E.T.? Don’t feel bad. When you IMDB it you have to scroll down to Miscellaneous Crew to find her even mentioned. I know what you’re picturing, E.T. on Cannery Row. (Depression Era good, one more to go.)

I also didn’t know about being Lynda Carter’s lil sis in Wonder Woman.

3. It was a joyless noon yesterday when the news out of Philly told me “The Roots” had reached a deal to become Jimmy Fallon’s house band.


One friend of mine, said “Oh that will make the show cooler.” No it will only make it look like they are cooler. Two more words: Carson Daly. How many of his “cool” house bands have made you stay up past 1:30?

Sold out or soul doubt?

This news only makes the Jimmy Fallon Show more of a reality as well. I just

keep hoping I’ll wake up one day and the POST will read, JIMMMY FALLON SHOW: JUST KIDDING!  Or at least he’ll be kamakazi’d. (WINNER! Tying Jimmy Fallon into Pearl Harbor was tough, but I know a lot of the guys down at the station believed in me.)

Sold out or soul doubt?