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Landry Clarke FNL wallpaper now more wallpaperable!!!

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So the people who inspired these wallpapers may have mentioned that the 8.5 x 11 version I sent them a couple months ago was wonderful and loveable much like Mr. Clarke himself but when applied as desktop wallpaper it was a big ol’ fail. So I’ve reworked them and any future wallpaper designs I promise will be ready to go.


Jackass Penguin Wallpaper aka THE FUTURE

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Wallpapering: Joaquim Marques Nielsen

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I don’t think these are techniquelly available as wallpaper but Nielsen has just put together some gorgeous shapes. That’s it.  Nothing else very funny here.

Wallpapering: Paper Airplanes

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This is my new design and im working on a redo of my squid design.plane3.3redyelbrw

Wallpapering: It glows.

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We may never need lights again.

LED wallpaper 430 pix
Thanks artist named Jonas.

Wallpapering: My first wallpaper design.

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Mind you. This is my first attempt at making wall paper design.  Now who wants to BUY IT!


Wallpapering: Heat Sensitive Wallpaper

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I have to admit the design is a little too flowery for me, but the technology is fucking cool.

Here’s to great ideas in wallpaper from Shi Yuan.

Radiator on.

Radiator on.

radiator off

radiator off

Next I’d like marker that don’t show up on skin until 2 hours after the passed out drunk guy wakes up.  That’s a money maker people.